Use Reflection Shadows to Make the Products Pop Out

Reflection shadows look amazing as they add depth to an image and make the object pop out from the background. Using shadows in an image create a nice milieu that attracts the customer. Quality images are those that are perfectly designed using the shadows to give a concealed impression of superiority. For an ecommerce store to get noticed by a wider audience, reflection shadow is a simple yet elegant way.

Images look great with reflection shadows but for that, firstly you have to edit them by removing the unwanted backgrounds or clipping path. Both these tools are available in Photoshop which are used widely to give a finished look to the otherwise images. Background removal is done by background eraser tool or magic wand tool or pen tool. Once when the images get a nice look with a solid colored background, reflection shadows are added to give a natural look.

Reflection shadow makes the object pop out from its respective background and gives an illusion as if the image is shot on a glass or mirror. Shadow is an effect that makes a customer feels that he is on genuine website because the product looks well-lit and clean as if it is placed on a mirror. The most common products to which reflection shadow is added are jewellery products. It is because; jewellery items need to look highly attractive as the customer takes a feeling of standing in a physical store. Check out how to add reflection shadow in Photoshop:

  • Open any image in Photoshop. Create a new layer with white background. Now there are two layers, one is the image file and another with a white background.
  • Now, select the white area around the image so as to cut out the main object from its background.
    Refine the edges to give a smooth look to the object
  • Next, create a duplicate layer of the product layer and convert it vertically so that it looks like a mirror reflection. Now, keep this image below the product in a way that it matches the bottom
  • Now it’s the time to give a faded effect to the layer. For that, add a gradient mask and then blur it a little.
    Lastly, to give a realistic look to the image, put a tiny shadow at the bottom of the product.

Do an in-depth research on how to add shadows to the images as it will help in reflecting the worth of a product. Good Luck!


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