Apply Image Masking Technique to Get Nice Images

Extracting out the images from their respective backgrounds is a skill that not everyone possesses. Without this talent, it is nearly impossible to get the beautiful and commendable photos. Whether you are using the clipping path or background removal service for the magazine photos, brochure photos, or web photos, it is mandatory that every large or small business is following. You being an aspiring photographer have to use these services to lend a nice look to the images that you shoot. Every picture has some flaws which can be removed using clipping path and background removal. But if the photos need to be dealt on a wider note, image masking comes in handy.

Isolating the objects from the backgrounds is done flawlessly using the image masking technique. However, it is essential for the designer to have sound knowledge of the image masking, clipping path and background removal methods. Let’s see what the image masking is in Photoshop.

Layer mask is quite similar to eraser tool with only the difference that anything done with the layer mask tool is reparable while the effects of the eraser tool are not. Layer mask tool is the easiest and convenient tool to use. With the help of Photoshop tools like gradient options and brushes, you can create a perfect mask.

Image Masking

To mask the background, selection tool comes in use and once you have the selection ready, you can create a layer mask from it. Mask out the object rather than deleting the whole image and enjoy the image masking technique provided by the wonder software i.e. Photoshop. Image masking gives you control over the image information as you can always revert your actions to retain the original effects. Explore the different options and achieve the desired results.

Refine Edge

Refine edge feature is one of my favourite as I can cut out any object from its background and then with the help of refine edge, give a smooth finish to the edges. This feature keeps the object look original instead of appearing sharp from the edges. Smoothing the object’s edges is beautifully done with the refine edge option because it is necessary after the image isolation is done. Shifting the image to a new background with the sharp edges doesn’t look good so refine edge gives a remarkable transformation.

All in all, image masking allows you to flawlessly combine the different images together if used rightly. Because this technique produces top notch photographs, it is used widely over the world by the photographers and photo editing companies.


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